=head1 NAME - data digging agent


    Data Digging Agent [DDA], searches for interesting data in
    newsgroups.  Currently only match on Subject Lines is implemented. --group=string [--subject=string] [--nntpserver=string]


    '--nntpserver'. DDA uses the NNTP protocol to retrieve information
    from a server.  You have to specify the name of the server as a
    command line option.

    '--group' specifies which group on the nntpserver shall be
    used. The string specified here is interpreted as perl regexp, so
    you could simply use --group='comp.cad.cadence' which will on most
    servers only match comp\.cad\.cadence or use more sophisticated

    '--subject' After a successfully established connection to the
    server articles which contain the specified string as part of
    their subject line are stored in the current working
    directory. The string is interpreted as perl rexexps too.


=head1 EXAMPLES --group=comp.cad.cadence --subject=skill --nntserver=news

    This retrieves form the nntpserver 'news' all articles which
    contain the word 'skill' and are stored on the server in the group

    This is all a bit boring if you want many multipart mime encoded
    messages on your harddisk you could try something like. --group=bin.*mp3 --subject=led.*zeppelin --nntserver=news

    Which will make you known to your local news feed
    administrator. For reconstructing the binary data a tool named
    uudeview helps a lot.


-- FrankHartmann - 19 Mar 2002
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