Rockbox on Sansa e200

The externalrockbox project is currently doing a externalport of the open-source firmware to the Sansa e200.

Firmware Backup

In order to restore the original firmware or to have dual-boot rockbox/sansa running it is handy to have the original firmware available. During the auto-update process of the firmware the following two file were written to the root directory:

  • Version 1.02.15 (European)

This and other versions can also be found externalhere.

Decoding the Firmware

  • Compile and install arm-elf cross compiler toolchain
  • Get mi4code from external
  • apt-get install libgcrypt11-dev
  • gcc -o mi4code mi4code.c -lgcrypt
  • ./mi4code decrypt -s PP5022.MI4 OF.bin
  • arm-elf-objdump -D --target binary  -Mforce-thumb -marm  OF.bin > OF.bin.thumb.txt


-- MatthiasWientapper - 25 Jan 2007
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